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Keep What You’ve Got: Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

By Dana Borowka, MA – Excerpt from the book, Cracking the Business Code During the next ten, twenty, and thirty years, finding qualified sales and customer service people is going to get more difficult, thanks to a shrinking workforce and a maturing population. Therefore, retention of your top people is more important than ever. Attracting […]

Stop Trying to Shortcut the Hiring Process

By Dana Borowka If they hadn’t gone on a “shortcut,” the world probably wouldn’t know who the Donner party is today. There is a lesson in this infamous tragedy for all hiring managers. For the wagons of the Donner party, a group of 81 westward-bound pioneers who were stopped by a blizzard at the gateway […]

Managing Stress in Our Lives

By Ellen & Dana Borowka, MA As the economy continues to ebb and flow, we all need to be thinking as clearly as we can in order to stay a step or two or three ahead of the curve. The stress or “fear” of the future can prevent individuals and organizations from seeing opportunities that could […]

What is Captive Medical Insurance?

By Andrew Kuykendall, CSFS, Alternative Risk Specialist Chris had a problem. Even with 125 employees in 6 states the company was at the mercy of “medical trend” each year when renewing their medical insurance. They were receiving no actionable data at all to help them find a way to control costs, or budget for an […]

Why Exit Interviews Make Sense

By Dana Borowka, MA Recently a strange occurrence got me thinking. On a personal note, I love to sail. After being members of a boat club for over ten years, my wife Ellen and I decided to move to another club. When we informed the club we were leaving they were highly efficient in deactivating […]