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Customer Service is an Entire Company Endeavor

By Dana Borowka “If you want to know how to retain customers, you need to step outside your own processes and consider what it is like from the customer’s perspective”, says Deb Brown, author of the upcoming book, Lifelong Loyal Clients. Brown notes that a mere 5 percent increase in retention will increase profits anywhere […]

How to Pick a Strategic Planner and Use In-Depth Work Style Assessments to Improve Planning Performance

By Dana Borowka Scott Adams, the creator of the cartoon Dilbert, has lampooned strategic planning for years. “I’m putting you on the strategic planning team,” announces Dilbert’s boss. “It’s like work, but without the satisfaction of accomplishing anything.” There is a grain of truth in Dilbert, because strategic planning can fall short without the right […]

The Next Recession is Just Around the Corner. Are You Ready?

By Dana Borowka, MA Whoever coined the phrase, “What goes up, must come down” must have been an economist. Nothing does a better job of explaining the cyclical nature of our economy. The problem faced by business managers is that once we’ve identified which part of the cycle we’re in, it’s too late to do […]

Effective Leadership and Progressive Discipline

By Dan Hamon Workshop is available for this topic: This program can be given live or remote in either Spanish or English. To listen to and see slides on an Open Line web conference on this topic with Dan Hamon as the guest speaker, please go here: Audio: http://www.lighthouseconsulting.com/openline/041918/OpenLine041918.mp3 Slides: http://www.lighthouseconsulting.com/openline/041918/OpenLine041918.pdf eter Drucker, the noted […]

Keep What You’ve Got: Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

By Dana Borowka, MA – Excerpt from the book, Cracking the Business Code During the next ten, twenty, and thirty years, finding qualified sales and customer service people is going to get more difficult, thanks to a shrinking workforce and a maturing population. Therefore, retention of your top people is more important than ever. Attracting […]